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Village of San Buenas - Lot #103

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Southern Pacific Zone

Small farm, fruit trees, very private, amazing views and near San Isid

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San Isidro | Perez Zeledon

Crystal Sands: Ocean front condo apartments in Langosta Beach 203

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Nueva Propiedad!
lote en Chimirol de Rivas 500metros frente a calle publica
Terrenos | Lotes
San Isidro | Pérez Zeledón

Terreno: 500 m2
Nueva Propiedad!
Casa Hermosa
San Isidro | Pérez Zeledón

Terreno: 341 m2
Nueva Propiedad!
Villa Exclusiva, linda vista al Valle Central y excelente clima
Valle Central

Terreno: 7,319 m2

Property in Costa Rica, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon, Homes | Houses, for Sale, page n°1. 

Imagen Listing 3053
Available Now! Property with Sign
House and apartment in the most perfect neighborhood in town - 3053
Homes | Houses For Sale or Rent
Ciudadela Blanco, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 300 m2
Construction Size: 200 m2
The house was just remodeled. It has now two new tiled bathrooms, another counter at the kitchen, improved security with gate and new bars on front, n...
Asking Price USD$102,996
Monthly Rental USD$468
Imagen Listing 3202
Available Now!
Breathtaking city and valley view closer to Dominical - 3202
Homes | Houses For Sale or Rent
Pacuarito, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 6,297 m2
The property is located in the mountains between San Isidro city and Dominical beach, just 15 minutes from the city and just a short distance off from...
Asking Price USD$130,000
Monthly Rental USD$300
Imagen Listing 3235
Available Now! Available Map
Two storied home near Chirripo National Park entrance - 3235
Homes | Houses For Sale or Rent vacational
San Gerardo de Rivas, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1,260 m2
This exclusive property is located in the San Gerardo mountain village, Rivas, Perez Zeledon. The area is the last town before people take a hiking tr...
Asking Price USD$250,000
Monthly Rental USD$450
Week Rental USD$250
Imagen Listing 5026
Purchase Agreement Signed
3 bdroms, 2.5 bath, office plus studio, near the city of San Isidro - 5026
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio San Luis, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 700 m2
Construction Size: 180 m2
The house is located just 5 minutes drive from the city of San Isidro, in Barrio San Luis, a nice area to live, with 700 sq meters land and 180 sq met...
Asking Price USD$149,813
Imagen Listing 4676
Purchase Agreement Signed
2 bedrms 2 bath home with beautiful landscaped property - 4676
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio Laboratorio, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 2,726 m2
The property has a chain-link fencing all around and with many fruit trees planted in the landscaped areas. The house is nice and spacious. Master ...
Asking Price USD$215,356
Imagen Listing 4778
Purchase Agreement Signed
2 story home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, nice area to live in, safe - 4778
Homes | Houses For Sale
Villa Ligia, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 278 m2
Construction Size: 130 m2
The house is located in the nice residential area of Villa Ligia, just about 10 minutes from the downtown area and closer to the commercial and servic...
Asking Price USD$105,000
Imagen Listing 4769
Fire Sale
Beautiful 4 bdrms home, 3 levels, 3 car garage - 4769
Homes | Houses For Sale or Rent
El Hoyon, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 470 m2
Construction Size: 165 m2
Concrete construction with wood made ceiling, high quality doors in finished woods or cedar and cristobal. 4 bedrooms, all with cedar wood closets and...
Asking Price USD$200,000
Monthly Rental USD$1,000
Imagen Listing 4702
Fire Sale
Nice located home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, close to San Isidro - 4702
Homes | Houses For Sale
Morazán, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1,449 m2
The house is located in the Morazán region, just 3 kilometers (2 miles), from the city of San Isidro. The house holds 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, livi...
Asking Price USD$159,176
Imagen Listing 2985
Fire Sale
Very close to downtown, high traffic road front, lots of exposure - 2985
Homes | Houses For Sale
Santa Cecilia, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 271 m2
8 bedroom house, walking distance from downtown San Isidro, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, dining room, kitchen with breakfast bar, laundry room, storag...
Asking Price USD$164,794
Imagen Listing 2004
Beautiful house in la Angostura, 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, nice lot, rural - 2004
Homes | Houses For Sale
La Angostura, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 4,870 m2
Construction Size: 316 m2
Just 25 min from downtown San Isidro this beautiful property has a 4 bedroom house all with closets, 3 spacious bathrooms,2 living rooms, internal gar...
Asking Price USD$290,000

Dos Cabinas amuebladas con vista al mar
San Isidro | Pérez Zeledón
Terreno: 1 Ha. + 41 m2
Nueva Propiedad
Lote de 200 m2, barrio tranquilo, servicio de bus, planito
Terrenos | Lotes
San Isidro | Pérez Zeledón
Terreno: 200 m2