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Property with pasture, views, mountain forest, stream, close utilities

Farms | Ranches
San Bl�s de General Viejo, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 16 Ha. + 4,990 m2 (40.75 Acres)
$275,000 USD
¢158,125,000 CRC
Home in the San Isidro city country side, 9 bdrms, 9 bth

Homes | Houses
La Angostura, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 1,118 m2 (2.75 Acres)
$185,000 USD
¢106,375,000 CRC
Amazing view to the Whale's tale and the coast

Farms | Ranches
Platanares, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 10 Ha (24.70 Acres)
$295,000 USD
¢169,625,000 CRC

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New Listing!
House of room located in Palmares with 3 Bedrooms with closet

Homes | Houses
Palmares , Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 516 m2 (5,547 Sq. Ft.)
$73,913 USD
¢42,500,000 CRC
New Listing!
Quinta en venta, casa con 2 dorm, espacio amplio

Country Houses
Atenas, Central Valley, Sector Valle Occidental, Alajuela
Land Size: 6,800 m2 (1.68 Acres)
$222,000 USD
¢127,650,000 CRC
New Listing!

Home Sites | Building Lots
SANTO TOMAS DE SANTO DOMINGO DE HEREDIA, Central Valley, Sector Valle Occidental, Heredia
Land Size: 189 m2 (2,032 Sq. Ft.)
$66,150 USD
¢38,036,000 CRC
Active Reduced - Farms | Ranches

For Sale: 127 Ha (315acres) property with pasture and forest, highland - Southern Pacific Zone, Costa Rica - 3741

In Buenos Aires, Southern Pacific Zone, Puntarenas

Want total privacy with the best views and unlimited natural resources? Or do you want to build a homestead with multiple resort, recreational, or spiritual retreat centers? choose, this enormous property has everything you need, several springs, dozens of acres to farm, streams, a huge river, views, fruits, wild birds, deer and boar make this a totally SELF-SUFFICIENT property.

Clear views to the city of Buenos Aires and the future El Diquis Hydro Electric Lake make this investment a future tourist destination.

Cattle, horses, sheep, llamas, dairy, high altitude coffee, hardwood tree farming, are all realities on this huge parcel. Planted years ago, hundreds of mature hardwood trees are ready to harvest and either sell or use to build your own homes, cabins, and meeting halls.

The closest town to this property is San Rafael de Buenos Aires. It is located 4km down the road. The largest city nearby, Buenos Aires in the province of Puntarenas is 22 km away and is 45 mins south of San Isidro, the largest town in the Southern Zone.

On the property there�s an abundance of water in many forms, eight springs, many creeks, and it�s bordered by a branch from the Angel River which provides clean drinking water to theBuenos Aires and Volcan area below.

The lowest part of the property is 1300 meters, the highest is 1700 meters (1 mile) most of it is in the 1500 range. The entrance to the farm is at the highest point, 1700m.

The property has been titled for over 20 years without any liens or mortgages, it is totally clear. The property has several springs, with a self generating - dual piston self propelled pump 'arriete' in Spanish and a 3000 liter tank with a very modest wood cabin we had built for our ranch hand, or for anyone who wants to be on the property while they build.
Half of the property is secondary forest which could be preserved with both Cloud Forest (1700 meters elevation) and Rain Forest (1400 m) qualities. Electricity is four kilometers away. It would be wiser to install a hydro, or wind generator, or even a biomass generator for unlimited use.

The property is not under contract with FONAFIFA, you can apply for it and receive thousands of dollars annually for forest preservation and planting new trees.

The main regional engineer for MINAE, the environmental agency, has been to the property and assured me the trees can be used for construction on the property or sold with permits. You can also go through Coopeagri, the agricultural credit union and cooperative for the forestry credit. They charge a commission, different rate for each of the five different reforestation government programs. The wood on the property may be used for any purpose without a permit as long as it is not within 50 meters of a spring, stream, or river and does not leave the property.

Along with over a dozen neighbors we recently improved the gravel and rock road leading to the property. The local town council granted us access to the rock quarry to remove base rock we used to cover several patches of road leading to the property in exchange for some hours of backhoe service on their new soccer field-true cooperation!

If you would like to stay for an extended period of time while you make plans to build, the neighbor above at ROCA lodge has a small resort with several cabins for rent. Small groups of scientists and students arrive every year from various parts of the world to conduct environmental studies on his / here property.

There are dozens of grocery stores and hundreds of merchants in San Isidro and Buenos Aires. San Isidro, 45min away has a small Mall, the SMall, with a taco bell, and movie theater with new movies in English with Spanish subtitles.

Internet would be available through a combination of solar, air, biomass, or hydro-electric generators and parabolic microwave transmitters which offer 5 MB/s service for a reasonable price. Make the forest your last home-office, then check in and check out as often as you please.

Land Size: 127 Ha. + 5,000 m2 (314.89 Acres)

Valley view, Mountain view,
Ground Use: 
Farm Features: 
Primary Forest Section, Overgrown pasture sections, Pastures,
Closer power lines found at more than 1000 meters from the property,
Road in front: 
Payment Methods: 
Owner Financing Available, The owner is open to give a Purchase Option with a 10% minimum deposit,

Asking for Sale $199,000 USD
Asking for Sale ¢114,425,000 CRC

$1,560.78 US Dollars per Hectare (Ha)
¢897,450.98 Colones per Hectare (Ha)

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