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10 km oeste de San Ramon
Aguas Buenas
Alto Bijaguales
Alto Las Esperanzas
Alto San Juan
Alto de San Juan
Atenas - Alto Lopez
Bahia Ballena - Bajo Las Bonitas
Bahía Ballena
Bahía Ballena, Osa
Bahía Drake
Bajo Las Bonitas
Bajo las Bonitas
Balzar, Ciudad Cortes
Barrio San Andrés
Biolley de Buenos Aires
Boca Limón
Buenos Aires
Cacao de Baru
Campamento de Paramo, Division
Campamento vargas
Caracol de Buenos Aires
Cañas de Buenos Aires
Ceibo de Buenos Aires
Chacarita de Osa
Chimirol De Rivas
Chimirol de Rivas
Chucuyo - Chimirol
Ciudad Colón
División de Páramo
Dominical - Hatillo - Matapalo
Dulce Nombre
El Chucuyo (Canaan Rivas)
El Jardin - Campamento Vargas
El Roble - La Palma
El Sauce
Escaleras de Dominical
Fila Ballena
Fila de San Marcos
General Viejo
General Viejo - La Linda
Guaycará de Golfito
Jalaca de Palmar Sur
Jocotes de Guanacaste
Juntas de Pacuar
Kilometro Cinco de Golfito
La Bonita
La Bonita de Rivas
La Chiiripa
La Esperanza de San Pedro
La Fortuna de San Carlos
La Garita, Turrucares
La Gloria de Savegre
La Guaria - La Palma
La Hermosa de General Viejo
La Linda
La Palma, Palmar, Osa
La Perla
La Piedra
La Piedra - San Ramon Norte
La Tigra de San Carlos
La Union de San Pedro
La Unión de San Pedro
Las Brisas De Pocosol, Alajuela
Las Esperanzas
Las Esperanzas, San Pedro
Las Lagunas
Las Rocas, Los Ángeles, San Ramón
Las brisas
Llano Grande, Picagres, Mora
Los Chiles
Los Robles
Mojón - Esparza
Mollejones de Platanares
Montecarlo de Cajón
Montezuma - Puntarenas
Ojo de Agua
Palmar Norte
Palmital de Rivas
Paraiso De Cajon
Peninsula de Osa - Los Mogos
Peñas Blancas
Piedra Alta - Cerro de la Muerte
Pijije de Bagaces
Pilar de Cajón
Pilas de Buenos Aires
Pista Las Lagunas
Playa Hatillo
Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa - Uvita
Portalon - Playa Matapalo
Potrero Grande
Potrero Grande de Buenos Aires
Potrero Grande-Buenos Aires
Puerto Cortes
Puerto Cortés
Puerto Viejo - Sarapiquí
Quebrada honda
Quebradas Arriba
Rio Grande de Volcán
Rosario de Pacuar
Río Claro de Golfito
San Antonio de Río Nuevo
San Blás de General Viejo
San Buenaventura de Osa
San Carlos de Buenos Aires
San Carlos de Platanares
San Francisco de Turrubares
San Gerardo De Rivas - La Chispa
San Gerardo, Rivas
San Ignacio de Cajón
San Isidro
San Jerónimo de San Pedro
San Juan Bosco
San Juan de Chocuá
San Luis de General Viejo
San Luis morete
San Pedrito de Cajón
San Pedro
San Pedro - San Jerónimo
San Rafael
San Rafael de San Pedro
San Ramon Norte
San Ramón de La Virgen de Sarapiquí
San Vito
San Vito - Cerro Paraguas
San Vito de Coto Brus
Sandalo de Puerto Jimenez
Santa Ana de San Pedro
Santa Cecilia - San Pedro
Santa Elena de Cajón
Santa Rosa de Pocosol
Santa Teresa de Cajón
Santiago de San Pedro
Sector Aeropuerto
Sierpe de Osa
Sinaí-Piedras Blancas
Socorro de Platanares
Tajo Fila de San Marcos
Tambor de San Pedro
Tres Piedras de Savegre
Tres Ríos
Trés Ríos de Volcán
Turrialba Chitaria
Uvita de Osa
Villa Argentina de Platanares
Villa Argentina-Platanares
Villa Mills
Volcán de Buenos Aires
Zapotal de San Pedro.
Zona Sur
la Virgen de Sarapiquí
puerto viejo
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Alajuela (12)
San José (147)
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Private setting for homes or resort in the mountains

Farms | Ranches
Chimirol de Rivas, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 42 Ha. + 5,954 m2 (105.20 Acres)
$350,000 USD
¢196,000,000 CRC
Building plot in quiet area

Home Sites | Building Lots
La Bonita , Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 240 m2 (2,580 Sq. Ft.)
$11,607 USD
¢6,500,000 CRC
Nice lot with view, rural moutain village, nice temperatures

Home Sites | Building Lots
San Blás de General Viejo, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 800 m2 (8,600 Sq. Ft.)
$9,821 USD
¢5,500,000 CRC

Costa Rica Farms | Ranches for Sale in Costa Rica 

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Imagen Listing 6345
Farm for project Agroforestry, reforestation and agriculture - 6345
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Chacarita de Osa, Southern Pacific Zone, Puntarenas
Land Size: 188 Ha. + 9,275 m2 (466.60 Acres)
Teak farm production, with potential to renovate or use for planting oil palm, a total of 189 hectares with 30 hectares of flat land. The entire estat...
Asking Price $1,150,000 USD
Asking Price ¢644,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7273
New Listing
Farm of 13 Hectares cultivated with palm oil, Palmar - Osa. - 7273
Farms | Ranches For Sale
La Palma, Palmar, Osa , Puntarenas | Central Pacific, Puntarenas
Land Size: 13 Ha. + 3,397 m2 (32.95 Acres)
Farm of 133 397 square meters, located in Palmar, Osa. Property cultivated with palm oil and some bushes. In front of the Interamerican highway: 2...
Asking Price $1,625,000 USD
Asking Price ¢910,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7316
New Listing
Property with a - 7316
Farms | Ranches For Sale
San Luis de General Viejo, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 3,937 m2 (3.44 Acres)
This property is located in the community of General Viejo, a rural area. Planted with coffee to be picked up during the dry season, known as late ...
Asking Price $71,429 USD
Asking Price ¢40,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6601
Sold Video Available
Fully Self-Sufficient Off-Grid Organic Farm with 2 Homes & Development - 6601
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Santa Teresa de Cajón, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 26 Ha (64.21 Acres)
There are very few places on the planet where you can live sustainable next to a National Park and an acclaimed 5-star resort. The video and photos s...
Asking Price $599,000 USD
Asking Price ¢335,440,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4948
Pasture and forest 95 Acre property - 4948
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Fila de San Marcos, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 38 Ha. + 7,000 m2 (95.58 Acres)
Farm or pasture for dairy cattle fattening. The farm has all the titles of clear writing, and no cover for cellular, access is a good local road that ...
Asking Price $170,000 USD
Asking Price ¢95,200,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7299
New Listing
Nice lay of the land, water stream running by, pasture land - 7299
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Sector Aeropuerto, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 3 Ha. + 5,000 m2 (8.64 Acres)
Land located in the area of the airport in Perez Zeledon, part of the future Special Economic Zone that is planned in the canton. The farm has an a...
Asking Price $116,071 USD
Asking Price ¢65,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7309
New Listing
Finca with river and water springs - 7309
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Las Brisas De Pocosol, Alajuela, Northern Plains, Alajuela
Land Size: 7 Ha. + 1,202 m2 (17.59 Acres)
The property is suitable for recreational use, livestock, aquaculture, agriculture, reforestation among others. It is located just 15 minutes from ...
Asking Price $75,998 USD
Asking Price ¢42,559,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7308
New Listing
Finca for mixed use, spring water, exc valley and city view - 7308
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Pacuarito , Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 13 Ha (32.11 Acres)
Pacuarito 15 minutes from San Isidro. It is 13 hectares with three large buildings overlooking the city of San Isidro, Cerro Chirripo. One of the camp...
Asking Price $149,000 USD
Asking Price ¢83,440,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6305

Property for tourism development in area of high demand - 6305
Farms | Ranches For Sale
La Fortuna de San Carlos, Northern Plains, Alajuela
Land Size: 16 Ha (39.52 Acres)
160,000 square meters. It has rivers and springs. Suitable for any type of building or project. It has all utilities. Approximately 400 meters in fron...
Asking Price $2,950,000 USD
Asking Price ¢1,652,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7175
New Listing
112 hectares, tranquility and spectacular views - 7175
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Bahía Ballena, Puntarenas | Central Pacific, Puntarenas
Land Size: 112 Ha. + 676 m2 (276.78 Acres)
40 Hectares of repast and rest in mountain. It has two fronts to public street, one of 2056 meters (North) and the another one of 962 meters South)...
Asking Price $3,500,000 USD
Asking Price ¢1,960,000,000 CRC

New Listing
Land of 6 Hectares + 5000 square meters, in Quebradas, Pérez Zeledón - 7170
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Quebradas , Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 6 Ha. + 5,000 m2 (16.05 Acres)
Land of 6 Ha +5000 m2 located in Quebradas de Perez Zeledon. Ideal property to build. It has an easement of passage Public services available...
Asking Price $160,714 USD
Asking Price ¢90,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6932
 3  2.0 
- 6932
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Morazán, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 21 Ha. + 6,483 m2 (53.47 Acres)
Beautiful farm with two houses and lake located in Morazán de Perez Zeledon.   The main house has 3 bedrooms with newly fitted closets, 2 bathrooms, ...
Asking Price $10,000,000 USD
Asking Price ¢5,600,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6369
Land with cold climate and abundant water - 6369
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Quebradas Arriba, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 47 Ha. + 1,168 m2 (116.37 Acres)
Land with cattle, but mostly (90%) is in mountain with timber and variety of mountain animals. The mountain animals living within this property are Pa...
Asking Price $1,000,000 USD
Asking Price ¢560,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6917

- 6917
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Rosario de Pacuar, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 3 Ha. + 266 m2 (7.47 Acres)
Asking Price $80,000 USD
Asking Price ¢44,800,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6355

8 hectares property, mesh enclosure, fruits, waterfalls, utilities - 6355
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Mojón - Esparza, Puntarenas | Central Pacific, Puntarenas
Land Size: 8 Ha (19.76 Acres)
livestock farm completely fenced with mesh, fruit trees, river and small waterfall poses, cellar, dog houses. Water well. 1.5l. x sec. Private entranc...
Asking Price $175,000 USD
Asking Price ¢98,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 5770

120 acres Property for many activities, cattle, farming, near beaches - 5770
Farms | Ranches For Sale
San Buenaventura de Osa, Southern Pacific Zone, Puntarenas
Land Size: 50 Ha (123.49 Acres)
Suitable farm for Rice ativity, livestock, shrimp farming has 8 hectares of ponds for shrimp cultivation and 42 flat acres for all purposes, next to t...
Asking Price $300,000 USD
Asking Price ¢168,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 3741
127 Ha (315acres) property with pasture and forest, highland - 3741
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Buenos Aires, Southern Pacific Zone, Puntarenas
Land Size: 127 Ha. + 5,000 m2 (314.89 Acres)
Want total privacy with the best views and unlimited natural resources? Or do you want to build a homestead with multiple resort, recreational, or spi...
Asking Price $345,000 USD
Asking Price ¢193,200,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4683
Reduced 2  2.0 
360 degrees views, caretaker home, cabins and jungle forest - 4683
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Tajo Fila de San Marcos, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 48 Ha. + 6,000 m2 (120.03 Acres)
Property with amazing 360 degrees views to the ocean and mountains. Total with 6 potential building sites, 4 available to build. There is a wooded ...
Asking Price $499,000 USD
Asking Price ¢279,440,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4692

Cattle farm, next to river, 30 pastures for rotation, giant grass - 4692
Farms | Ranches For Sale
Cañas de Buenos Aires, Southern Pacific Zone, Puntarenas
Land Size: 27 Ha (66.68 Acres)
This a cattle ranch located 3 kilometers (2 miles) away from the Interamerican Highway. Improved grass of Brisanta and Decto Neubra, especial for beef...
Asking Price $385,714 USD
Asking Price ¢216,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 4531
Breathtaking views from the mountains top down to the Pacific - 4531
Farms | Ranches For Sale
San Vito - Cerro Paraguas, Southern Pacific Zone, Puntarenas
Land Size: 105 Ha. + 2,484 m2 (259.94 Acres)
The property is mostly protected area. - Borders 2 rivers that run all year round - Lower lands and high mountain tops present warm and fresh te...
Asking Price $315,000 USD
Asking Price ¢176,400,000 CRC

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Villas overlooking Dominical and Ballena Beach area, restaurant, pool

Homes | Houses
Dominical- Alturas de San Martín, Southern Pacific Zone, Puntarenas
Land Size: 2,000 m2 (0.49 Acres)

Country style lots with valley and mountains view, lot 32

Home Sites | Building Lots
Miravalles, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 500 m2 (5,375 Sq. Ft.)
$35,714 USD
¢20,000,000 CRC
Nice lot to build, great views to mountains, utilities available

Home Sites | Building Lots
Quebradas, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 2,172 m2 (0.54 Acres)
$55,000 USD
¢30,800,000 CRC

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New Listing!
6 hectare land ideal for cattle, San Pedro, Perez Zeledon.

Farms | Ranches
Las Esperanzas, San Pedro, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 6 Ha. + 6,335 m2 (16.38 Acres)
$157,143 USD
¢88,000,000 CRC
New Listing!
House, near bus service, near 5 star hotel, ideal for workers

Homes | Houses
Arco Iris de Cajón, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 389 m2 (4,182 Sq. Ft.)
$25,000 USD
¢14,000,000 CRC
New Listing!
House with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, just 3 minutes from San Isidro

Homes | Houses
Barrio San Luis , Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 450 m2 (4,838 Sq. Ft.)
$125,000 USD
¢70,000,000 CRC
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