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Alajuela - Concasa
Alajuela - San Ramón
Alto de Alonso
Alto de Alonso
Arco Iris de Cajn
BUenos Aires
Barreal (Ulloa) De HEredia
Barrio Boston
Barrio Cementerio
Barrio Cooperativa
Barrio El Prado
Barrio España
Barrio La Lucha
Barrio Las Amricas
Barrio Lourdes
Barrio Morazán
Barrio Sagrada Familia
Barrio San Andrs
Barrio San Francisco De Asis
Barrio San Luis
Barrio San Valentín
Barrio Santa Cecilia
Barrio Santa Cecilia
Barrio Sinai
Barrio Sina�
Barrio el Prado
Barrio las Américas
Barrio las gravillas
Barro Cooperativa - Calle Porras
Baru- La Alfombra
Buena Vista, Rivas
Ciudadela Blanco
Concepción de Daniel Flores
Condominios Vista Mar
Corredores, Ciudad Neily, Barrio Ceibo
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores, Prez Zeledn
Divisin de Pramo
Dominical - San Martin
El Hoyn - Sector Aeropuerto
El Tirol, San Rafael De Heredia
General Viejo
General Viejo - La Hermosa
General viejo
Guadalupe Goicochea
Hospital Viejo
Jardn de Pramo
La Angostura
La Bonita
La Bonita de Rivas
La Bonita, Daniel Flores
La Fortuna, San Pedro
La Gucima
La Hermosa
La Palma
La Palma - El Tuis
La Trinidad De Moravia, San Jose
La Unión de San Pedro
La palma de pérez zeledón
Las Juntas de Pacuar
Las lagunas
Los Chiles
Mollejones de Platanares
Monte General
Monte Laurel
Oratorio, Platanares
Palmares Calle Jara
Patalillo de Coronado
Pedregosito San Ramon sur
Peñas Blancas
Peas blancas
Platanares - Mollejones
Platanillo, Bar.
Playa Herradura - Quebrada Ganado
Playas del Coco
Providencia De Pramo
Providencia de Pramo
Quebrada Honda
Res.Real Santamaria Lagunilla
Residencial El Valle - Villa Ligia
Residencial Halder
Reyes de Daniel Flores
Rivas Perez Zeledon
Rosario de Pacuar
Sabalito de Coto Brus
Sabalito, Puntarenas
Sagrada Familia
San Andres
San Blás de General Viejo
San Buenas
San Gerardo de Rivas
San Isidro
San Isidro - Barrio Las Amricas
San Isidro Centro
San Isidro Centro - Ciudadela Blanco
San Isidro De Heredia
San Jos� Centro
San Juan De Dios, Desamparados
San Juan de Dios
San Lorenzo
San Pablo - Heredia
San Pedro
San Pedro - La Esperanza
San Rafael
San Rafael De Alajuela
San Rafael De Oreamuno
San Rafael Norte
San Salvador
San Valentín
Santa Cecilia San Isidro del general
Santa Gertrudis Norte
Santa Marta, Brunka, Puntarenas
Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa, 50mts Norte del Templo Cat�lico de Sta Rosa
Santa Teresa de Caj�n
Santiago de San Pedro
Santo Domingo De Heredia
Santo Tomas De Santo Domingo De Heredia
Urbanizacin Rio Oro de Santa Ana
Villa Ligia
Villa Ligia
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Puntarenas (11)
Guanacaste (2)
Heredia (12)
Cartago (1)
Alajuela (8)
San José (175)
Limón (1)
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Valley View property. Lot #8.

Home Sites | Building Lots
Santa Cruz de General Viejo, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 1,721 m2 (2.89 Acres)
$47,500 USD
¢27,313,000 CRC
Property with city view, close to the downtown area

Home Sites | Building Lots
Barrio Cooperativa, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 921 m2 (9,901 Sq. Ft.)
$73,600 USD
¢42,320,000 CRC
1017 sq meters (1/4 acre), club house, nice residential area

Home Sites | Building Lots
Ciudad Colón, Central Valley, Sector San José Oeste, San José
Land Size: 1,017 m2 (10,933 Sq. Ft.)
$120,000 USD
¢69,000,000 CRC

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Imagen Listing 2958
Fire Sale 5  2.5  3 
Wonderful house with city view - 2958
Homes | Houses For Sale
Alto de Alonso, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 754 m2 (8,106 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 315 m2 (3,386 Sq. Ft.)
This 5 bedroom house is located just 5 min from Downtown San Isidro,it has a pool with a small ranch, paved road frontage and perimeter wall and elect...
Asking Price $147,826 USD
Asking Price ¢85,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 2932
Featured 9  9.0  15  Available Map
Home in the San Isidro city country side, 9 bdrms, 9 bth - 2932
Homes | Houses For Sale
La Angostura, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 1,118 m2 (2.75 Acres)
Construction Size: 501 m2 (5,386 Sq. Ft.)
Seller HAS to move because of health issue! - The house is located in the country side close to the city of San Isidro, just a 25 minutes drive, to th...
Asking Price $185,000 USD
Asking Price ¢106,375,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 2432
Reduced 4  3.0  3 
MAYOR PRICE REDUCTION on Town House in Perez Zeledon - 2432
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio el Prado, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 398 m2 (4,279 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 210 m2 (2,258 Sq. Ft.)
+ LISTENING ALL OFFERS + Nice house located less than a mile away from downtown San Isidro. The concrete two stories construction has nice finishe...
Asking Price $169,000 USD
Asking Price ¢97,175,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7668
 Property with Sign
House in rural area, near the interamerican highway - 7668
Homes | Houses For Sale
San Pedro - La Esperanza, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 387 m2 (4,160 Sq. Ft.)
It is at the entrance to 25 meters of the Inter-American Highway on the entrance to the Hope of San Pedro. School 500 meters. School in San ...
Asking Price $33,043 USD
Asking Price ¢19,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7514
Sold 2  1.0 
House of Room in Palma de Pérez Zeledón - 7514
Homes | Houses For Sale
La palma de pérez zeledón , Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 689 m2 (7,407 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 70 m2 (753 Sq. Ft.)
-The property is planted with fruit - The house is mixed in its infrastructure of cement and wood -The house furnished 2 rooms air in main room 1...
Asking Price $65,000 USD
Asking Price ¢37,375,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7520
New Listing 2  1.0  1 
Property with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom house in Miravalles - 7520
Homes | Houses For Sale or Rent
Miravalles, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 940 m2 (10,105 Sq. Ft.)
This house has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen, laundry room, a lookout room and garage for a vehicle and electric gate on the property. ...
Asking Price $60,870 USD
Asking Price ¢35,000,000 CRC
Monthly Rental $500 USD
Monthly Rental ¢288,000 CRC
Imagen Listing 5536
 4  2.0  1 
House for sale in Santa Rosa - 5536
Homes | Houses For Sale
Santa Rosa, 50mts Norte del Templo Cat�lico de Sta Rosa, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 667 m2 (7,170 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 102 m2 (1,097 Sq. Ft.)
Beautiful property, located in front of the Catholic church in Santa Rosa, public safety, field. Near a School, Supermarket and EBAIS. A 10 minutes ...
Asking Price $60,870 USD
Asking Price ¢35,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7746
New Listing 2  1.0  1 
Room House with 2 bedrooms 1 bathrooms in General Viejo - 7746
Homes | Houses For Sale
General Viejo , Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 672 m2 (7,224 Sq. Ft.)
House with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, veneered, living room, kitchen.
Asking Price $52,174 USD
Asking Price ¢30,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 5803
Reduced 3  3.0 
House for sale in cool and quiet area - 5803
Homes | Houses For Sale
La Bonita, Daniel Flores, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 5,000 m2 (1.23 Acres)
Construction Size: 190 m2 (2,043 Sq. Ft.)
House 190 m2. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, study room, dining room, living room, garage, kitchen, laundry. With the option of furnished with th...
Asking Price $139,130 USD
Asking Price ¢80,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7763
Reduced 3  2.0  2 
Furnished, safe and spacious house with fine finishes - 7763
Homes | Houses For Sale
Miravalles, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 762 m2 (8,192 Sq. Ft.)
Brand new house in Miravalles de Pérez Zeledón, fully furnished with everything new. The house has 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, ter...
Asking Price $195,000 USD
Asking Price ¢112,125,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7737
New Listing 3  1.0  1  Property with Sign
GREAT DEAL on a 3 bdrms 1 bath home, nice lote and location - 7737
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio Morazán, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 373 m2 (4,010 Sq. Ft.)
The house is 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath, large indoor laundry area, one car garage.
Asking Price $86,957 USD
Asking Price ¢50,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7421

House (2bdrms 1 bath) with independent apartment (1b 1bth) - 7421
Homes | Houses For Sale
Pavones, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 200 m2 (2,150 Sq. Ft.)
Beautiful house, located near the city of San Isidro, on a very private cul-de-sac. There are two buildings together, the first is the house with 2...
Asking Price $78,261 USD
Asking Price ¢45,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7674
Reduced 1  1.0  Property with Sign
Small house very central, for offices or offices - 7674
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio Cementerio, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 176 m2 (1,892 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 54 m2 (581 Sq. Ft.)
The property has an ideal location for an office facing a high traffic street, with parking over the secondary street. The house has 1 bedroom, 1 b...
Asking Price $52,174 USD
Asking Price ¢30,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7776
New Listing 4  2.0  2 
- 7776
Homes | Houses For Sale
Palmares, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 654 m2 (7,031 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 280 m2 (3,010 Sq. Ft.)
Asking Price $300,000,000 USD
Asking Price ¢172,500,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 7775
New Listing 3  2.0  2 
Homes | Houses For Sale
Alajuela - San Ramón, Central Valley, , Alajuela
Land Size: 339 m2 (3,644 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 135 m2 (1,451 Sq. Ft.)
Beautiful house for sale in Santiago de San Ramón, brand new, ready to release, with fine finishes, quiet area, with beautiful views of the Pacific a...
Asking Price $85,000 USD
Asking Price ¢48,875,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6535
 2  2.0  1 
Property for sale with a large house and three apartments - 6535
Homes | Houses For Sale
Desamparados, Central Valley, South San José Sector, San José
Land Size: 170 m2 (1,828 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 310 m2 (3,333 Sq. Ft.)
House with two bathrooms. garage, two bedrooms, living room kitchen, all in cement, both external and internal walls. It also has three apartments th...
Asking Price $215,000 USD
Asking Price ¢123,625,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 6424
 12  6.0  6 
Property with a house and 4 apartments in downtown San Jos� - 6424
Homes | Houses For Sale
San Jos� Centro, Central Valley, Downtown San Jose Sector, San José
Land Size: 480 m2 (5,160 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 350 m2 (3,763 Sq. Ft.)
Property of 480 square meters, construction of 350 square meters, consists of a main house, with two bathrooms, four rooms, dining room, kitchen, gara...
Asking Price $240,000 USD
Asking Price ¢138,000,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 3171
New Listing 2  2.0  Available Map
Sweet home next to creek, fish pond and pool, 15 minutes to town - 3171
Homes | Houses For Sale
La Palma - El Tuis, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 8,000 m2 (1.98 Acres)
Construction Size: 140 m2 (1,505 Sq. Ft.)
- Adjoins a beautiful creek not dangerous to the house, - There is at least 1 site left to build, - Water and electricity connected, - House with t...
Asking Price $115,000 USD
Asking Price ¢66,125,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 5764
New Listing 3  1.0  2 
3 bdrms, 1 bath, parking, - 4WD only - near downtown San Isidro - 5764
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barro Cooperativa - Calle Porras, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 800 m2 (8,600 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 120 m2 (1,290 Sq. Ft.)
The house is located on neighborhood near the downtown area of San Isidro city, but with gravel road for 4WD only. The house holds 3 bedrooms (2 with ...
Asking Price $100,000 USD
Asking Price ¢57,500,000 CRC

Imagen Listing 5559
Reduced 3  2.0  1 
3 bdrms, 2 bath, parking, country style living in very nice area - 5559
Homes | Houses For Sale
Santa Teresa de Caj�n, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 1,729 m2 (18,587 Sq. Ft.)
Construction Size: 150 m2 (1,613 Sq. Ft.)
Very nice weather, beautiful views of the mountains, a river is located 800 meters. Only 200 meters from the entrance of the Alta Gracia Hotel. A larg...
Asking Price $156,522 USD
Asking Price ¢90,000,000 CRC

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Oxygen Farming property with income from protected areas

Farms | Ranches
El Chucuyo (Canaan Rivas), Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 237 Ha. + 9,857 m2 (587.76 Acres)
$1,000,000 USD
¢575,000,000 CRC
View to the valley, the ocean, mountains and waterfall !!

Farms | Ranches
San Luis morete, Perez Zeledon, San José
Land Size: 10 Ha. + 3,817 m2 (25.64 Acres)
$350,000 USD
¢201,250,000 CRC
20 rooms pacific beach front hotel for sale

Esterillos - Playa Bejuco, Puntarenas | Central Pacific, San José
Land Size: 7,000 m2 (1.73 Acres)
$1,850,000 USD
¢1,063,750,000 CRC

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Beautiful House in Condominium, La Guacima - Furnished

Homes | Houses
La Gucima, Central Valley, Sector Alajuela, Alajuela
Land Size: 168 m2 (1,806 Sq. Ft.)
$142,000 USD
¢81,650,000 CRC
New Listing!
Venta de hermosa Casa

Homes | Houses
Santa Gertrudis Norte, Central Valley, Sector Valle Occidental, Alajuela
Land Size: 249 m2 (2,677 Sq. Ft.)
$111,684 USD
¢64,218,000 CRC
New Listing!
House with large green area

Homes | Houses
Barrio La Lucha, Perez Zeledon, Sector Valle Occidental, San José
Land Size: 379 m2 (4,074 Sq. Ft.)
$78,261 USD
¢45,000,000 CRC
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