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Land to build plus 3 cabins, near waterfall in the property

San Isidro | Perez Zeledon

5 Lots in Lagunas de Baru, just 20 minutes from Dominical Beach - 2

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Southern Pacific Zone

Town house with office / commercial area, great location in town

Home and Business
San Isidro | Perez Zeledon


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Nueva Propiedad!
Casa con linda vista en Alto de Alonso
San Isidro | Pérez Zeledón

Terreno: 403 m2
Nueva Propiedad!
Terreno en San Blas, ideal para agricultura
Terrenos | Lotes
San Isidro | Pérez Zeledón

Terreno: 1 Ha. + 4,597 m2
Nueva Propiedad!
Finca cerca de río y montañas en La Unión de San Pedro
Fincas | Granjas
San Isidro | Pérez Zeledón

Terreno: 5 Ha. + 4,384 m2

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Imagen Listing 4190

Two storied house, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, Interamerican Hwy frontage - 4190
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio Lourdes, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 2,000 m2
Construction Size: 425 m2
This beautiful 425 sq meter house with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms is located about 15 minutes from the city of San Isidro. The house is near the S...
Asking Price USD$450,000
Imagen Listing 4487

4 bedrooms home, built to USA standards, nice lot - 4487
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio San Francisco, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1,582 m2
-- Built to US standards, 4 spacious bedoroms, 2 full bath and a enabled for a third bath, laundry, 2 living areas, formal dining, kitche, 2 car garag...
Asking Price USD$271,536
Imagen Listing 5230
New Listing
Spacious 3 bedrooms home near the sport facilities of UCR in Sabanilla - 5230
Homes | Houses For Sale
Sabanilla, Central Valley
Land Size: 333 m2
Construction Size: 185 m2
Nice house with great location near the main road in Sabanilla but still away from the its noise. Conveniently located around the corner from MasXMeno...
Asking Price USD$210,000
Imagen Listing 5149
3 bdrms, 1 bath, great location in San Isidro city, private and secure - 5149
Homes | Houses For Sale
San Isidro Centro - Barrio San Rafael, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 310 m2
Construction Size: 200 m2
Asking Price USD$121,723
Imagen Listing 5261
New Listing
Rustic house and cabin, 5 minutes from San Isidro city - 5261
Homes | Houses For Sale
La Lucha-Daniel Flores, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 739 m2
Construction Size: 200 m2
This nice property is located about 3 km away from San Isidro downtown, only 5 minutes from this city. It has a two-story house with 2 bedrooms, ...
Asking Price USD$250,000
Imagen Listing 4887
Price Reduced
3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, secure, nice residential area - 4887
Homes | Houses For Sale
Residencial Halder, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 203 m2
The house is 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, about 800 sq mt construction size, living dining, kitchen with breakfast bar, parking for 3 vehicles in front of ...
Asking Price USD$35,581
Imagen Listing 2721
Price Reduced Property with Sign
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, nice land with fruits, easy access - 2721
Homes | Houses For Sale or Rent
Los Chiles, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1,102 m2
Construction Size: 210 m2
3 bedroom concrete house, 2 bathroom, 2 living room, dining room, kitchen w/breakfast bar and cabinets,laundry room, storage room in the back, open ga...
Asking Price USD$187,266
Monthly Rental USD$468
Imagen Listing 5128
New Listing
Casa Vista Al Valle, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, amazing valley view - 5128
Homes | Houses For Sale
San Rafael Norte, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 5,000 m2
Construction Size: 356 m2
San Rafael Norte 5000 square meters property with spectacular two story house with beautiful mountain and city views. The house has 1 master bedro...
Asking Price USD$600,000
Imagen Listing 5247
New Listing
Beautiful home, two storied, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, near beach,landscaped - 5247
Homes | Houses For Sale
Uvita, Southern Pacific Zone
Land Size: 2,001 m2
Construction Size: 250 m2
This beautiful home sits on a half acre lot just minutes away from a great beach for swimming in Southern Costa Rica. The land with 2000 sq meters ...
Asking Price USD$229,000
Imagen Listing 4195
Price Reduced
Beautiful home w/ terrace near Beach and San Isidro city,great views - 4195
Homes | Houses For Sale
Baru- La Alfombra, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1 Ha. + 3,979 m2
Great views to the surrounding mountains and ocean from different angles at the property and house, mirador area. The property is just 15 minutes a...
Asking Price USD$525,000
Imagen Listing 4550
 Property with Sign
3 bedrooms, 2 bath, near commercial zone - 4550
Homes | Houses For Sale
San Isidro Centro, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 277 m2
The house is 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, master bedroom with private bath and A/C. The laundry is very spacious. Terrace to the back of the house. ...
Asking Price USD$116,105
Imagen Listing 3812

Fully furnished and equipped home - Vacations or Long Term - 3812
Homes | Houses For Sale or Rent vacational
Quebrada Vueltas, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 10,000 m2
Construction Size: 200 m2
- Lots of privacy as the house is at the end of a low traffic road, away from traffic and noise in a very tranquil area, - Surrounded by exhuberant ...
Asking Price USD$325,000
Monthly Rental USD$800
Week Rental USD$240
Daily Rental USD$100
Imagen Listing 4599

Two story home with 5 bedrooms, 4 apartments, pool and gym - 4599
Homes | Houses For Sale
Santa Cecilia, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1,047 m2
The two story home holds 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, with 4 car garage, ceramic tile and wooden floors. Ground level is a concrete construction. Seco...
Asking Price USD$400,000
Imagen Listing 2444

The best City View. - 2444
Homes | Houses For Sale or Rent
Monte Laurel, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 4,164 m2
Construction Size: 300 m2
Luxurious property located just a couple of miles away from downtown San Isidro. Good access thru a 1 mile of paved road and less than a mile of grave...
Asking Price USD$1,200,000
Monthly Rental USD$2,000
Imagen Listing 5236
New Listing
Nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home close to San Isidro city - 5236
Homes | Houses For Sale
Residencial El Valle - Villa Ligia, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 385 m2
Construction Size: 180 m2
The house is located in Villa Ligia in Residencial El Valle, which is located less than 5 minutes from San Isidro downtown. The house is close to...
Asking Price USD$159,176
Imagen Listing 5239
New Listing
3 bedrm, 2 bath home, country like area, nice lot 1 - 5239
Homes | Houses For Sale
La Unión de San Pedro, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1,000 m2
Construction Size: 160 m2
The house is located about 30 minutes from San Isidro downtown on paved road. The residence is completely built in concrete;it has 3 bedrooms, 1 b...
Asking Price USD$65,543
Imagen Listing 5198
New Listing
3 bedrooms home, 1 bath, 3 cars parking - 5198
Homes | Houses For Sale
Barrio Juan Pablo II (entrada de campo Santo de Pavones), San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 300 m2
Construction Size: 65 m2
Almost new, built just 16 months ago, 3 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, closed laundry room, window bars, secured external ceilings with inside steel grid,...
Asking Price USD$45,880
Imagen Listing 5241
New Listing
House with large green areas in Miravalles - 5241
Homes | Houses For Sale
Miravalles, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 7,005 m2
Construction Size: 120 m2
This is a large property located in the community of Miravalles, which is about 10 minutes from downtown San Isidro. Within the property, there is...
Asking Price USD$300,000
Imagen Listing 4930
Price Reduced Available Map
Rural home, 5 bedrooms, storage, detached garage - 4930
Homes | Houses For Sale
Santa María de Cajón., San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 1,000 m2
Construction Size: 150 m2
1 story home, 5 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with separate shower and toilet, living, dining, kitchen and laundry. There is a storage place, detached parki...
Asking Price USD$24,345
Imagen Listing 5249
New Listing
Nice 2 bedrm, 2 bath house, large green areas - 5249
Homes | Houses For Sale
Cristo Rey-Platanares, San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 4,143 m2
Construction Size: 190 m2
The house is completely built concrete. It has two bathrooms, two bedrooms, living room, a small bar and a kitchen furnished in cedar wood. The pr...
Asking Price USD$243,446

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Lot in Quizarrá, flat land, front to bird sanctuary, Lote #3
Home Sites | Building Lots
San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 445 m2

Nice located home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, close to San Isidro
Homes | Houses
San Isidro | Perez Zeledon
Land Size: 500 m2